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Free Test your LCD monitor for dead or defective pixels in a snap
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The manufacturing and distribution processes involved in the production and retailing of LCD monitors may produce defective pixels that may pass unnoticed in normal use unless properly checked. DefectPX is an open-source solution to help you check the health of the pixels in your monitor at a glance by “painting” your entire screen with a color of your choice and thus making any dead pixel stand out and be easily recognized.

This useful utility offers a simple and straightforward functionality from which anyone can benefit. You can use this simple tool to check a monitor before purchasing it or to make sure that the LCD monitor you just bought is in top-notch shape. If necessary, you can install the program on a pen drive and take it with you to show your retailer whatever defective pixels you found on your monitor.

This simple tool requires no learning curve whatsoever. It displays a simple menu with a choice of basic colors – just make your pick and it will “paint” all the pixels on your screen in the selected color, which will allow you to see at a glance if any pixels are dead, blocked, or defective in any way. You can also pick a different color and thus customize the color contrast that’s best for you.

Regrettably, the program relies exclusively on your visual acuity to detect any pixel-related problem on your monitor, which may leave out users with a vision lower than 20/20. It would be great if the program would find those defective pixels for you and provide you with a simple report of what the problems are (a stuck sub-pixel, a partial sub-pixel defect, a dark or bright dot defect, etc.).

However, these drawbacks do not detract from the program’s overall performance and the great service that it will surely provide to any interested user. Being an open-source development, DefectPX is a completely free tool, and though it still offers room for improvement, we can’t but thank its developers for offering this highly useful tool to the world.

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  • Can be used by all kinds of users
  • Allows you to select custom colors for the background


  • Relies exclusively on your sight to detect defective pixels
  • Does not produce any report about the state of your monitor's pixels


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